Interpreting services

Interpreting services

Do you need to organize an event with customers, partners or employees who do not speak the same language?

For your international conferences, business seminars, interviews, business or technical meetings, we provide experienced interpreting services within your technical field and all necessary equipment to meet your interpreting needs.

Our extensive network of professional interpreters can cover all aspects of the profession: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison interpreting and whispering in a broad range of subjects.

All of our interpreters adhere to a professional code of ethics and conduct and may not reveal any information they may be party to in the exercise of their profession.

At Birdwell, we select the best-suited interpreter for each client according to event type and subject and ensure that are linguists are prepared with the necessary terminology and material to provide the highest level of interpreting service.

interpreting services


Consecutive interpreting services are intended for small meetings. The client speaks for a short period of time and then lets the interpreter translate the content of the discussion.


We offer simultaneous interpreting services with specialized equipment. This type of interpreting is best suited for international conferences, board meetings, lectures and presentations. Interpreters  work in pairs from an interpreting booth and translate the content of the presentation simultaneously with the delivery of the speaker..

Over the phone (OPI)

For your small meetings, over-the-phone interpreting can be arranged with a consecutive  interpreter.

Video remote (VRI)

Video remote interpreting services can be provided for small meetings with consecutive interpreting.

interpreting equipment

If your event requires special interpreting equipment, our global leading sound en event specialist enables us to provide innovative and standards compliant equipment all over the world:

• transmitters
• headset receivers
• portable equipment
• booths and cabins
• technical suppport staff

Do not hesitate to contact us for simultaneous interpretation and conference services.

Our specialized interpreters, on-site coordinators  and technical support staff will be able to ensure that everything is tested and set-up properly before the beginning of the event!

Thank you for the service; the interpreters have just left and they were perfect! Everything went very well.

Maryse B.

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