Enhance your performance on the international scene!

Our mission is to enable our clients to communicate effectively in a language and culture other than their own in order to be more successful in the global market place.

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Globalization and more recently Covid-19 have propelled humanity into the modern super connected economic era of today, granting us access to new cultures, markets and talent at speeds unseen before.

Multilingual and cross-cultural communication have become essential for the success and growth of your organization.

Whether you need to communicate with international clients, suppliers or amongst cross-cultural teams, the Birdwell mission is to help individuals and organizations to communicate effectively in a language and/or culture other than their own, to be successful in today’s global and highly connected market place.

Birdwell has been present in France since 1984. Today we deliver our services throughout the world. We make available our expertise to match your needs as closely as possible, wherever you are.

Tell us more about your global projects and we will tell you about our solutions!

Professional language training 

With over 30 years experience, we guide organizations and individuals towards the most effective learning solutions to meet their language goals in English or other languages. Find out about our expertise in testing, oral and written communication training and business-specific coaching.

Intercultural coaching & training

We support you in managing successfully your cross-cultural teams or in preparing them for expatriation. Learn how our country-specific experts will help you to gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity and how this will benefit your organization when facing the globalization challenge!

Translation & interpreting

Find out how we can help you to face today’s multilingual content challenge! We provide a wide range of professional interpreting and translation services: from technical documentation to communication materials, in 100+ language pairs with professional subject matter experts (SME’s).