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Today, there are no longer borders in business. R&D, supply-chains, marketing and sales are international. As companies have globalized, new opportunities have arisen as well as new challenges. The more diverse operations are, the more cultural differences can create misunderstandings and conflict between colleagues and stakeholders. Managers must be able to communicate effectively with others from different parts of the globe. For leaders, managers and employees, effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration requires developing particular skills set to adapt to the new dynamics and complexities of our business world.

In our cross-cultural training programs, you will learn the “best practices” of using cultural differences and similarities to optimize business relationships with all stakeholders. At Birdwell Communication and Cultures we are committed to providing you with the right consultants and programs to help your company turn international business opportunities into success stories.

We support organizations in managing successfully their cross-cultural teams and in preparing their staff members for expatriation.

Learn how our country-specific experts help you gain greater understanding of cultural diversity and how this benefits your organization when facing the globalization challenge!

Cross cultural team building

Multicultural team building

Find out how in today’s global business environment, cultural differences within teams
can be challenging but also have tremendous benefits for your organization.

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Intercultural coaching for managers

Cross-cultural coaching

Find out how in today’s global business environment, cultural differences within teams
can be challenging but also have tremendous benefits for your organization.

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Presentations for International audience

Country-specific training

Prepare your teams to interact more effectively with the target country and therefore to improve your business outcomes. Find out more about our country-specific training programs.

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Why is intercultural training needed in your organization?

Working in our globalized markets requires an intercultural skill-set. Your skill-set should include communication and rapport-building skills, a high level of cultural self-awareness and the emotional resilience to deal with intercultural exchanges.

Many companies are still hesitant to invest in intercultural training as they question the potential return on investment of such training. Companies also believe that their employees can learn online or develop their skills through experience at work. However, by then, it could be too late to avoid costly errors or to improve performance to stay ahead of the competition.

Intercultural training or coaching provides a secure environment to raise questions, discuss problems and analyze where they come from. Cross-cultural training also develops general management and interpersonal skills such as good communication, project management and team work, managing ambiguity and self-reflection. These valuable skills can be used in a wide variety of professional situations. Being able to communicate effectively cross-culturally, makes us better communicators in our own culture!

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