Cross-cultural team building

Cross cultural team building

Harness the power of your team’s diversity

We live in a world with a globalized workforce where many organizations have teams that span different time zones, countries and continents. Managing culturally diverse teams can be very challenging. With the rising prevalence of remote work, cross-cultural team building has become more important than ever.

In multicultural teams the usual challenges of team building and fostering teamwork become more magnified. Dealing with cultural differences, language barriers and remote team members are just a few of the issues that today’s managers and leaders face.
Cross-cultural team building is a great starting point for understanding what drives people from different cultures and how you can you can bring international teams closer to each other.

Acceptance of cultural diversity and an inclusive mindset are hallmarks of high-performing teams. So how can you better manage your culturally diverse team for peak performance?
Birdwell Communication & Cultures provides cross-cultural team building programs to improve team dynamics and performance: More creativity and idea generation, faster decision-making, and more efficient problem solving


Build communication skills and team dynamics to improve multicultural team performance and productivity.


1 day – 7 hours, face to face or by video conferencing.


2-14 participants



Course language

English or French

Course certificate

Certificate of course completion

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Our cross-cultural team building sessions are designed for any global, cross-functional or multicultural team, co-located or working remotely.


This cross-cultural team building seminar is customized to match your team’s diversity and company culture for improved communication, agility and performance.
It will provide you with improved team productivity through enhanced communication skills and team dynamics.


Develop or reinforce team identity.
Understand the cultural differences from a positive view point of the other team members and debunk stereotypes.
Create trust to develop synergy and the ability to concentrate on tasks versus personality or power issues.
Develop active listening skills with team members to be able to manage projects effectively.
Reduce tension, misunderstandings and conflict in the team so that members can work efficiently and reach milestones and goals more quickly.

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This program was essential for me and my colleagues to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French way of work…

M. Wang
Chinese mechanical engineer, Alstom

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