This training opened my eyes to what I had not perceived. I now have a better understanding of how my American colleagues perceive us and what their expectations and needs are. The training was practical. I came away with tools and ideas. There is nothing complicated; you just have to know it 😊. Today, I communicate differently with my American colleagues which facilitates my exchanges and allows me to gain in efficiency.

Bénédicte M.
Quality System Manager, BIOMERIEUX

This program was essential for me and my colleagues to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French way of work…

M. Wang
Chinese mechanical engineer, Alstom

Good balance between theoretical input and the experience of the trainer. This course has helped us to distinguish differences in personal behavior and other types of behavior conditioned by American culture.

Carine M.
French Manager, Regulatory Affairs, BIOMERIEUX

I was glad to have had this cultural training before starting my work with the Spanish team.
I was able to understand certain behaviour and habits that are diametrically opposed to the German way of work.

Manfred E.
German Engineer, AREVA

This program has helped me to become aware of the complexity of South African society
and adapt my communication style to manage a team there.

Mr D.
Engineer responsible for the subsidiary in South Africa, BASF

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