Expatriate preparation

expatriate preparation

Ensure expatriation becomes a rich and happy experience!

In today’s global economy, having a workforce that is agile culturally isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.
More and more of midsize and large companies currently send professionals on long international assignments—and more than half plan to increase the number in the near future.

An international assignment is probably one of the most challenging, impactful and rewarding experiences in anyone’s career. But international assignments are an investment in the company’s and manager’s future. On average, the cost of expatriation is at least twice that of the same position back home. Find out how our expatriate preparation courses can benefit your manager and company.

A successful integration of your expatriate employees requires careful preparation, which we can help you with. The purpose of investing in cross-cultural training is to avoid conflict generated by misunderstandings and culture shock. It is also to increase the chances that your manager and family succeed in a new environment.  Undoubtedly, a pre-departure expatriation preparation course covering the traditions, social and professional norms, etiquette, language, religion, and history of the culture helps your manager and family to understand and adapt faster to the host country.


Be able to integrate successfully in a new professional environment, country/culture.


1 day – 7 hours face to face or by video conferencing.


The manager and her/his family.



Course language

English or French

Course certificate

Certificate of course completion

Participant profile

This expatriate preparation course is designed for managers with international assignments abroad preparing, with their family members, for expatriation.


Our expatriate preparation course will enable you to integrate successfully in a new professional environment, country and culture.

Possible content

Develop one’s self awareness of her/his cultural DNA and understanding of values, norms and behavior.
Enhance the understanding of the influence of cultural values and behavior in the country of expatriation, in social and professional situations.
Prepare for the different phases of cultural adaptation, while settling in a new country.
Understand everyday work patterns and customs in the host country.
Understand how to develop trust to facilitate cooperation with customers, colleagues, and suppliers.
Understand the negotiation styles in the host country.
Improve the way you manage your teams through a complete knowledge of manager/subordinate relationships and expectations.
Get specific information for spouse and family members concerning the lifestyle in the country and city of expatriation: school systems, healthcare, relationships with neighbors, shopping and more.

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This program was essential for me and my colleagues to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French way of work…

M. Wang
Chinese mechanical engineer, Alstom

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