Intercultural coaching

Intercultural coaching for managers

Individual support for Managers in a complex world

Managing in your own country, culture and language is never a simple task.
Managing team members from different cultural backgrounds is always challenging even in the best moments! Intercultural coaching will provide you with a culture map to decode people’s values, belief systems, unwritten rules, communication styles, and so much more…

All cultures appear to share the belief that doing things their way is the best way. When people from different cultures work together and cannot agree on processes and desired outcomes; managers face potentially serious problems.
Communicating in the multi-cultural workplace the ‘one-size-fits-all solution’ rarely exists. People from different cultural backgrounds communicate and prioritize differently.

All cultures have their own styles and implicit rules of communication. Your own communication style and rules may not be oblivious or work well with team members from different cultural backgrounds.

Issues often arise between those from implicit and explicit communication cultures, when some team members believe that underlying context is understood, while others assume that what is said is all that is meant. Intercultural coaching can really help. Managers trained in various communication styles can adapt and choose the best communication style for the situation.

Understanding your own culture and values is the first step towards understanding other cultures. Coaching is an effective tool for cross-cultural training because it raises self-awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity. Your coach will help you explore the things that are frustrating and find strategies to communicate and manage more efficiently.


Be able to implement strategies and action plans and adapt them in order to reach business goals in a cross-cultural or multi-cultural context.


Session of 2 hours, face to face or by video conferencing.
Number of coaching sessions depending on goals.


1 participant



Course language

English or French

Course certificate

Certificate of course completion

Participant profile

Our intercultural coaching sessions are designed for managers in charge of international R&D, supply-chain activities, international sales & marketing, or international mergers and acquisitions.
Managers dealing with company teams with different backgrounds located in different countries.


Our intercultural coaching sessions will provide you with:
Increased confidence when implementing strategies and actions in an intercultural or multi-cultural context.
Better analysis and perception of different and complex processes during expatriation or international assignments.
Improved management project skills in an intercultural or multicultural context.

Possible content

Assessment of your values, communication style and cultural profile.
Management style and postures: dealing with employees from a specific culture or with multicultural teams.
Conflict mediation in intercultural context.
On-boarding of employees from other cultures and countries.
Negotiations with international stakeholders.
Intercultural communication customized to specific professional situations or specific countries.

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This program was essential for me and my colleagues to develop an understanding and appreciation of the French way of work…

M. Wang
Chinese mechanical engineer, Alstom

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