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As an intercultural company, we ourselves are fully international: the multicultural backgrounds of our managers and the more than 30 nationalities that make up our team of experts help us to pass on our expertise to you and optimize your confidence and performance on the international scene.

We are global multicultural company with more than 70 experts from different professional backgrounds. Our experts have all had long business assignments in one or more countries. They are deeply committed to:

– Helping you develop your general cultural intelligence to manage more efficiently on the international scene.

– Helping you to integrate successfully into a new professional position in a new country through sharing experiences of life and business there and the different cultural norms, business practices.

– Helping your team to build trust, and synergy through a better understanding of their cultural differences and similarities.

Why choose us

We are strongly convinced that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has found its moment. As the world is more and more connected, managers today need higher levels of CQ to be efficient in the global working place. We believe less in theories and more in the realities of management, collaboration and leadership in the world as it is today.

Find out about our very pragmatic approach to cross-cultural collaboration and to developing more trust and better mutual understanding and enhance your CQ and bottom-line!

Multicultural team building

Developing cross-cultural management skills for improved business performance.

Country specific training

Helping managers, team members and organizations navigate the cross-cultural challenges by zone and country.


Cross-cultural coaching

Using techniques and strategies for effective intercultural communication and management.

Public speaking and presentation training for international managers

Helping you develop a competitive edge when addressing international teams and audiences. Our experience spans nearly every industry, venue and major cultures in the world.


Negotiation training for international managers

Good international negotiators are made, not born!
Helping you use theory, planning, strategic thinking and tactical expertise that will allow you to become an effective international negotiator.


On-line training “blended learning”

Customizing a learning approach to your style of learning, schedule and time zone by combining face-to-face programs with self-regulated e-learning or virtual coaching for managers as well as for multicultural teams.

Our mission

To enable managers and teams to work successfully with other professionals from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

We help our clients to lead, manage, collaborate and communicate effectively across cultures in order to be successful internationally.




Different training programs


Managers and executives trained by our experts.

Top requests from our clients

Intercultural management 99%
Cross-cultural communication 97%
On-line training 83%

Our experts

Our cross-cultural experts our most precious resource!

  • They have lived, worked, managed and consulted extensively abroad (average age 45). Their professional backgrounds are in engineering, life sciences, marketing and sales, project management, lobbyists, university professors, in the public and private sectors in the areas of  civil service, finance & banking, retail, services, manufacturing,

  • They have acquired successful teaching methods to transmit their experience and know-how to our clients, helping them to develop the skill sets needed to work effectively across cultures.

  • They are, above all, passionate about their subject matter and about sharing their experience with our clients. They engage the participants mentally, emotionally and behaviorally, aligning them to the complexities and richness of cross-cultural exchanges in the countries in which they have lived and worked.


They trust us!

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