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Are you looking for professional language translation services with excellent client service?

You have come to the right place! Birdwell is a one-supplier solution to your translation, localization/globalization requirements.

Languages, cultures and technology: that’s what we are all about. Our role is to enable you to communicate effectively in multilingual, multicultural and multi-technology situations.

Whether you need technical or specialized translation or marketing adaptation, we translate and manage your content to ensure that your communication is as effective for your foreign partners as it is in your home country.

Experience our client service excellence. You will find us inquisitive, responsive and pragmatic. Our personalized service is about giving our customers creative advice and going above their expectations when possible!

Find out how our language translation services can provide higher quality, faster turnaround time and lower translation costs through cutting-edge technology and centralized collaborative added value workflow systems.

Language translation services for multiple industries

Our teams are organized around key sectors enabling us to share deep industry knowledge across project managers and translators.
We provide:

  • Technical translation – For various industries
  • Medical & scientific Translation – For the life sciences industries
  • Legal translation – For law firms and legal departments
  • Financial translation – For banking and other financial services
  • Marketing translation & transcreation – For many industries across markets
  • Website & software localization – For the IT industries but also for IT departments across sectors
  • Certified translation – For anybody who needs a legal document to be translated by a sworn translator

Our language translation services provide multiple output formats

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we offer for optimizing their multilingual content regardless of the output format:

PDF or print output



Mobile phone



The way our clients communicate has changed tremendously as have the different channels they use.

At Birdwell, our role is to enable you to communicate effectively in multilingual, multicultural and multi-technology situations.

Into multiple languages

Professional translation or interpreting requires excellent project management as well as professional linguistic teams, tailored to your needs. It takes many years to test and recruit language professionals in different languages and industry fields. At Birdwell Translation & Technology, we work with inhouse and freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:


FIGS languages:
French, Italian, German, Spanish

Central European languages

Eastern European languages

Scandinavian languages

Asian languages

Arabic and Middle-Eastern languages

Covering multiple time zones

translation services covering multiple time zones

The translations done by you meet with a very positive response in our company. Each time you have provided a very high-quality service [… ] Helpful, responsive and professional staff; Aware of our specific project requirements; Delivery times respected; Our specific software terminology respected.

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