Software localization services

Software localization services

Do you need to tailor your software applications and packages to the international market?

Translation and cultural adaptation to foreign users, known as software localization, is the key to a strategic competitive advantage.

We can perform professional localization on the three components of your application (user interface, online help and printed documentation) to get your business onto the international market in a timely manner.

In addition to our language skills, our partners specializing in technical engineering are able to provide  I10n* and I18n* consulting and training in localization tools and functional testing on multiple platforms.

The practical benefits of our services are:

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved quality through the use of formats allowing translation in context and the integration of tests in the localization process,
  • Reduced support costs through clear understanding of the application by end users.

* Software localization, also called l10n or regionalization is a version of your software for use in a particular target country.

* Internationalization or globalization, abbreviated i18n, involves preparing and expand the version of your software to several countries.

Find out how Birdwell can help you to translate your software in context and to streamline your development and localization procedures in order to reduce time to market and reduce unnecessary costs.

The Birdwell difference

  • Professional tools dedicated to localization projects (only new and changed strings can be updated)
  • Translation in-context and review in-context
  • All major file formats handled (tagged contents, .html, .xml, .properties, etc.)
  • Terminology management system for pre- and post-localization
  • Localization of graphics, scripts, symbols, menus, dialog boxes, etc.
  • Post-localization linguistic testing

Software localization specifics

One of the challenges with software localization is to translate in-context rather than isolated terms in an excel file. In a software application, most strings appear dynamically. For example, you need to know where to navigate and on which buttons to press to see a specific message. Translators do not have the knowledge and time to do that navigation. Ideally, they select a string and immediately see the context. At Birdwell, our localization tools allow us to use HTML previews for in-context translation and review (WYSIWYG). The results are improved quality and reduced time-to-market.

The translations done by you meet with a very positive response in our company. Each time you have provided a very high-quality service [… ] Helpful, responsive and professional staff; Aware of our specific project requirements; Delivery times respected; Our specific software terminology respected.

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