website translation services

Website translation services

Make the most of your brand, products and services on the web!

Do you need to adapt your website to your target markets?

Web technologies have virtually removed borders between countries. They have allowed rapid access to the world in a way that no other technology has been able to offer.
It is well known that customers in all industries will spend most of their time on websites in their own language and that language has a fundamental impact on buying patterns across markets.

Consequently, if you are a global marketing professional, your question is not whether you need to invest in website translation, but rather how!

We can assure you that professional website translation or adaptation is not a luxury but a cost-effective investment when promoting your brand, products and services.

Our professional website translation services will enhance your company image and allow you to manage your multilingual content effectively, without duplication of effort or cost.

At Birdwell, we help companies in their global digital marketing strategies by offering them creative translation solutions to obtain professional results.

A well translated website will grow your e-reputation.

Our team of experts manages and translates the multilingual content on your website:

  • We respect the linguistic and cultural standards of your target market
  • We translate directly into the back office of your CMS, or in HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, XML files, conserving tags, links and formatting for easy reimportation
  • We work with you to understand what content needs to be accessible in real-time from your website, and translate it while ensuring optimal turnaround times (press releases, newsletters, opinion columns, etc.)

If you are looking to take your website global, then you will need to develop an internationally optimized site (or even several sites). Your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy needs to go beyond multilingual content translation and keywords for optimum ranking in the target language. If you need some help, we gladly put you in contact with our SEO partner.

The translations done by you meet with a very positive response in our company. Each time you have provided a very high-quality service [… ] Helpful, responsive and professional staff; Aware of our specific project requirements; Delivery times respected; Our specific software terminology respected.

Nadia N.
Technical writer , Hardis
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