Multilingual DTP translation services

Multilingual DTP translation services

Do you want to offer your international clients the same high-quality printed materials  in their target language as you have in your own language?

DTP (Desktop Publishing) and layout work takes place after translation and before your document is ready to be printed. The translation is inserted directly into the document and then our DTP specialists work on the layout, fonts, special characters and many more aspects of the target document to make sure it mirrors the original one.

Why is multilingual DTP different from DTP in your own language?

Expansion and contraction: because the length of the text can vary according to the language. Therefore it’s important to master the target language when proceeding to layout modifications.

Hyphenation rules:  these can be very different from one language to another.

Fonts: they can present a number of issues, especially when dealing with bidirectional languages.

Punctuation, accent marks and digits: different rules apply!

At Birdwell, we understand the importance of going the extra mile and providing flawless print-ready documents for your target markets!

our standard workflow

Multilingual quality DTP is as important as the accuracy of translation itself.
Make sure you give us enough time to accomplish each step in the process!

we handle all your documents

  • instruction manuals
  • company brochures
  • magazines
  • leaflets
  • catalogs
  • letterheads
  • advertising materials
  • flyers
  • invitations for exhibitions
  • and more…

Thank you for the service; the interpreters have just left and they were perfect! Everything went very well.

Maryse B.

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