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Excellent project management

No matter what the type, size or number of languages of your project, successful translation and interpreting starts with excellent project management, which involves more than just overseeing your project from start to finish.

At Birdwell Translation & Technology, our project managers work very closely with you to understand your needs and to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

They develop long-term relationships with our clients, helping them improve quality and reduce costs.

Industry-leading technology

Languages, cultures and technology: that’s what we’re all about at Birdwell Translation & Technology. Our role is to enable you to communicate effectively in multilingual, multicultural and multi-technology situations.

Our project managers and linguists use many different professional tools to handle your multilingual content in wide-ranging files and formats.

Our online client portal provides a secure, simple, accessible and easy-to-use extranet making it possible to track the status of each project along with the project’s financial information.

Excellent translators and interpreters

We are proud of our team of professional translators, editors and interpreters.  Not only do they have an excellent command of both their mother tongue and a foreign language, they also have in-depth knowledge of a particular industry. Our network includes subject matter experts (SMEs) in a range of technical fields. We value the time and experience our linguists invest in our clients’ projects and we appreciate our longstanding relationships we have developed over the years!

How we work with our clients

24/7 Live answering service

Our 24/7 live answering service is always available!
If you have any questions or if you want to leave a message, we will ensure that it’s passed on to the right person or department.

Quick turnaround time

As translation is very often one of the last steps in the content supply chain, we know that shorter turnarounds can make a real difference. Receive a quote from us within 24hours including the exact date and time of your translation project’s delivery.

Client portal

Using our web-based client portal, you can request, manage and track your translation and interpretation projects 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It also features a secure FTP solution enabling our clients to upload and retrieve important documents from any location with Internet access.

Personalized service

We believe our approach to client relationships is refreshingly different. Although we operate in a very technology-driven industry with a real focus on powerful tools, we are proud to have efficient staff who provide our clients with a personal service.


We understand that our wide-ranging projects will inevitably include confidential information. We agree to protect this sensitive information in accordance with our confidentiality policy. In addition, we are happy to sign a client-specific non-disclosure agreement if required.

Quality assurance assessment

Birdwell is committed to continuously improving the quality of its services. We therefore ask our customers to participate in our quality surveys, thereby helping us to become a most respected business partner in the translation and localization industry!

We're only as good as our clients say we are!

Additional services

To provide higher quality, a faster turnaround time and lower translation costs, we provide the following complementary services:

• Multilingual desktop publishing  – For many languages, including double-byte Asian languages and bidirectional languages including Arabic and Hebrew.

• Terminology management – To ensure that the industry-specific and corporate terminology of our clients is accurate and consistent.

• Translation memory management – In situations where there is likely to be content reuse, the use of translation memory can benefit our clients.

• Collaborative review – For clients and in-country reviewers who want to be involved in the translation process

• Quality validation – For clients who prefer to write content in a language other than their own.

Project management terms


Translation memory (TM) is a database in which pairs of previously human translated text segments are stored for reuse. Translation memories are used in conjunction with CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools.


Source language (SL) is the original language which is to be translated or interpreted into another language.
Target language (TL) is the language into which a text, document or speech is translated or interpreted.


Optical character recognition (OCR) is the conversion of printed or written text by a computer into a machine-readable format.


Desktop publishing (DTP) is the use of software, such as InDesign, to create brochures and manuals. Multilingual DTP involves adapting layouts in multiple languages, based on word length and the language’s alphabet.

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