Hardis event: Our interpreters in actionHow interpreting works at an international event

The Reflex Community Days took place on September 22 and 23 at Embarcadère de Lyon.

The event, organized by Hardis Group, presented their Reflex software suite. This software optimizes all logistics operations in factories, warehouses and sales outlets. Over 300 people attended, including prospects and clients from all over the world.

To make sure that all guests could communicate effectively with each other, Birdwell was tasked with covering the event.

Feedback from this mission.

Covering the event

Over a period of two days, two interpreters provided simultaneous interpretation during the presentations, from English to French and from French to English.

Preparing for the event

It might be thought that interpreting doesn’t require much in the way of special preparation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. A good interpreter is one who is prepared. And in this case, two weeks of preparation were necessary in order to provide a quality service.

During these two weeks, our two interpreters exchanged with Hardis staff to prepare their mission. They were given the speakers’ presentations in order to familiarize themselves with the subjects dealt with and the vocabulary. From these, they extracted the important terms and classified them in a glossary. Discussions between the interpreters and Hardis continued in order to check that the terms chosen corresponded to the company’s specific vocabulary.

A glossary for interpreting?

As in any translation discipline, a glossary is essential. It helps to harmonize translation and ensure that company-specific terms are correctly used and preferred.

The terminology used in the assignment contained a few terms specific to Hardis, and a large majority of terms from marketing and the software presented.

Having a glossary during an interpreting assignment makes the interpreter’s work easier. It saves time and prevents more generic terms from being used in preference to those that relate to the company and the field in question.


The event went smoothly, thanks to careful planning and good coordination between Birdwell and Hardis.

Birdwell was able to provide a service that met with the expectations of Hardis staff, thereby ensuring that all those present were able to understand each other.

The Birdwell team would like to thank Hardis for this new opportunity to work together and for the company’s long-standing trust.

Link to the video of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcAufOGPFC8&t=168s

Article written by Caroline Llorens in French, then translated by a Birdwell translator.

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