transcription services

Transcription services

Do you need to translate your audio recordings from one language into another quickly and accurately?
You’ll need to use a transcription service!

If you have a video or audio file and you want to turn it into a text-based file for translation, you need to use a transcription service. Transcription is the process of taking the spoken parts of the file and putting them down on paper. Professional transcription is a skilled task that requires excellent focus and attention to detail. Our reputation for precision is a result of the quality of our people and our technology.

In addition, we can provide transcripts with timecodes at any intervals you require. This is particularly important for video transcription, as it connects each piece of dialogue with the relevant visual part of the file.

At Birdwell, we work with specialized transcription teams to provide our clients with certified verbatim transcripts delivered to deadlines that are established in advance.

We provide professional transcription services with time codes in many languages.

Adapt your corporate videos and recordings to your international clients’ needs with flawless professional subtitling in their own language.

Our experienced voice-over specialists and recording studios will be happy to help you produce flawless videos in the target languages.

We’ve been working with Birdwell for 25 years. Such loyalty speaks volumes! When recording in time with the image, we appreciate their ability to correct our clients’ translations and find the right tone and spirit for our customers.

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