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Subtitling services

Do you want to make your videos accessible to a wider audience by adding multilingual subtitles?

When it comes to videos with a global audience, you can’t always change the content of the video itself; but accurate subtitles that are linguistically precise and culturally appropriate can enhance your video’s reach significantly.

Subtitling in a foreign language isn’t easy and it is usually preceded by transcription and translation. The process requires a high level of technical knowledge and attention to detail to produce subtitles with the right number of displayable characters and sufficient reading time.

Why should you add foreign-language subtitles to your videos?

  • Share your product information effectively with the rest of the world
  • Amplify your video views across cultures
  • Boost your SEO
  • Conquer the web with your brand

At Birdwell Translation and Technology – we help companies communicate effectively in a language and culture other than their own within the global market. With our specialist knowledge, we understand and provide the most appropriate solution to your very specific needs.

Our translation services for your multimedia strategies

We provide professional transcription services with time codes in many languages.

Adapt your corporate videos and recordings  to your international clients’ needs with flawless, professional, subtitling in their own language.

Our experienced voice-over specialists and recording studios will be happy to help you produce flawless videos in the target languages.

We’ve been working with Birdwell for 25 years. Such loyalty speaks volumes! When recording in time with the image, we appreciate their ability to correct our clients’ translations and find the right tone and spirit for our customers.

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