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Voice-over services

Do you need a voice-over for your corporate video?

Voice-over and dubbing are both techniques for interpreting a message to reach a new audience. However, while voice-over is narrative by nature and lacks the emotion and tonality of the original audio, dubbing is much more precise as it maintains the tonal, emotive, and technical variety of the original soundtrack.

When translating audio, dubbing attempts to hide the evidence of this translation so that foreign content appears native to the target audience. Well-dubbed audio requires expertise; as a result, it sounds natural to the viewer. Dubbing works best for television shows, feature films, and content created for illiterate audiences or children.

The next best option is voice-over; this is perfect for news segments, instructional content like e-learning and training videos and documentaries.

We provide full voice-over services and help companies manage the entire process from initial translation, to proof-reading, editing and final recording.

At Birdwell, we partner with premier recording studios to ensure that the final product is of the highest technical quality.

We’ve been working with Birdwell for 25 years. Such loyalty speaks volumes! When recording in time with the image, we appreciate their ability to correct our clients’ translations and find the right tone and spirit for our customers.

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