Game localization

Game localization

Video game localization is much more than just translation. It’s a cultural challenge! It means adapting the video game linguistically and culturally to the target market which can include different religions or social values. But it also means adapting it to the character’s style, humor, for which equivalents must be found in the target language and culture.

Birdwell provides professional translation and localization services from English to French for the video game industry. Our professional translators are passionate and aware of the latest gaming terminology and guidelines.

Our game localization experts are able to absorb large projects in short turnaround times. We know how to tackle the difficulties linked to translating dialogues, names for characters, weapons, enemies, location, as well as to translating UI elements and much more!

Plus we make sure that your marketing materials and guides are totally consistent with the game itself.

As you can see, video game localization is a complex job which involves a team of professionals with technical knowledge that must become familiar with the video game and reference material that gives them the required context.

At Birdwell our specialized team has more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and is ready to help you with your localization challenge!

Non-exhaustive list of our expertise in game localization

Dialogues Descriptions
User interface and help resources Marketing materials
Quick start guides Audio files and subtitling

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