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Manufacturing and engineering translation servicesTechnical and document translation services

At Birdwell, technical translation services for industrial manufacturing and engineering companies, are key part of our business.

From manufacturing plant solutions to metal-cutting tools and tooling systems, from heavy machinery for mining and rock excavation to construction and oil and gas, our clients are expected to provide information and technical documentation to every link in the supply chain, all while meeting the requirements of European Directives and other international regulations.

Dealing with technical and product documentation in multiple languages can become a nightmare if these documents are not properly translated and managed.

All our technical documents are translated by professional translators who work into their mother tongue and who specialize in the industry field. They are familiar with terminology and technical documents (patents, user manuals, maintenance manuals, safety and regulatory documents).

Is your company facing the challenge of multilingual content management?

Is your technical content managed by different departments within your company? Is it broken up into different formats in more than one language?

We can optimize the volumes to be translated, cutting costs and meeting shorter deadlines while still delivering quality results.

To translate your technical documentation quickly and efficiently, we have developed tools and methods to:

  • Properly manage multiple versions and updates of your documentation using a “horizontal” approach rather than a “vertical” approach,
  • Help you reuse existing translated content to improve the consistency of all your company’s communications,
  • Help reduce the costs of translating your technical documentation.

Is maintaining your specific terminology a headache?

For most of our clients, the challenge of technical translation lies in ensuring that their industry-specific terminology is consistent and up-to- date. This becomes even more challenging when working in multiple languages! Ask about our terminology management services.


A non-exhaustive list of technical fields in which we specialize:


Aerospace Information technology
Air treatment Healthcare
Agrochemicals Logistics
Automotive industry Mining, rock excavation
Chemistry Oil and gas
Construction Power
Defense and security Rail and transportation
Electricity and lighting Renewable energy
Electronics Robotics
Environment Telecommunications
Fashion and textile Tunneling
Food industry Urban planning

A non-exhaustive list of the documents we can translate.

Patents Environment manuals
Catalogs Quality manuals
Diagrames Parts lists
Comparative studies Organization charts
FDS Drawings
Planning sheets Safety procedures
User guides Analysis reports
Software Study reports
Quality assurance manuals Marketing materials
Technical reports Maintenance manuals
Regulations Repair manuals
Process diagrams Installation manuals
Specifications and data sheets  Safety and training manuals

We work in 100+ language combinations.

Having developed stringent recruitment procedures, Birdwell has built up a large network of language professionals in different languages and industries over the years.

Our linguists are our most important resource. We work with in-house and freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:

  • English
  • FIGS languages
    French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern languages

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