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Energy and environment translation servicesDocument and technical translation services

The environment, energy and natural resources are sources of major international debates. Every day, we translate documents in these fields for our clients. At Birdwell we have 30 years experience in handling requests for translation into multiple languages from energy companies in the nuclear industry covering technical areas (including mechanics, boilermaking, piping, electronics, electrical engineering and more) and from clients in the renewable energy industry, (including solar, hydraulic, wind and geothermal energy). We’re also very familiar with studies, rules and regulations from governmental institutions and international organizations that focus on environmental protection.


At Birdwell we understand the importance of technical and industry-specific terminology.

Technical documents must be accurate.

For this reason, our clients are served by professional translators who work exclusively into their mother tongue and by subject matter experts (SME’s)  who have in-depth knowledge of the relevant field.

We are aware of what’s at stake for people working in the energy and environmental industries and we understand the need for strict non-disclosure policies for all team members working on the translation projects.

A non-exhaustive list of fields in which we specialize.

Fuel assemblies EPR projects, Eurofab projects
Primary fluid chemistry Radiation protection
Circuits and components SG replacement
Design codes Welding
Equipment design and handling Spent fuel storage
Earthquake studies Safety, quality assurance
Man/machine interfaces Control systems and operator aids
(SIPA simulator)
Safety auxiliary pumps and related circuits Cooling towers
Electricity Environment
Industrial equipment, components (transformers, fuses, inverters, circuit breakers, etc.)  Circular economy: refurbishment, reuse, recycling, waste management, sorting, social economy
Factory functional testing  Environmental damage: carbon footprints, greenhouse gases,  climate change, pollution, soil depletion, wasteland, erosion, run-offs
Schedules and technical specifications for the manufacture of electrical cables and wires for various applications, including the nuclear industry.  Transport:  car sharing, carpooling, greenways,  cycle hire
Photovoltaic systems  Construction: urban planning, greening, eco-design, green technology

A non-exhaustive list of documents we can translate.

Study reports, test reports, design documentation Web site content
Technical data sheets and specifications, schedules, planning sheets, installation procedures, etc. Communication media (brochures, press kits, newsletters, in-house magazines, etc.)
Quality and safety manuals, quality assurance plans Training materials
Financial and legal documents, including supply contracts Commercial proposals and documentation, invitations to tender

We work in 100+ language combinations.

Having developed stringent recruitment procedures, Birdwell has built up a large network of language professionals in different languages and industries over the years.

Our linguists are our most important resource. We work with inhouse as well as freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:

  • English
  • FIGS languages
    French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern languages

Your proofreading exceeded my expectations and I will spread the word within our organization to let them know how fruitful and enjoyable our collaboration has been.

Laurent S.

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