Information technology translation services

Information technology translation servicesSoftware translation and localization services

We translate computer software, online applications and platforms for IT providers and customers in various industry fields. In addition to interface strings, we translate their help documentation, maintenance and corresponding training manuals.

We have experience in handling various types and formats of resource files.
Common data formats that we work with include .rc, .resx, .ini, .po, .properties, .xml, and .html.

We also help our clients with their linguistic testing, once the localized version has been compiled, in order to identify untranslated text, strings that go off-screen, wrong encoding or text direction, wrong context).

Our specialized teams work with your developer to make the necessary changes to the resource files.

Thanks to our quality assurance procedures and tools we perform all the specific checks: consistency of language and terminology across all components: software, online supports, documentation etc.

Our localization and quality procedures can be tailored to each situation to respond to the requirements of each client and to ensure a high-quality results.

If you need localization of audio and video or voice-overs in a new language, we know exactly how to get it done. For more information, check our multimedia services.

A non-exhaustive list of our areas of expertise.

Database systems E-learning platforms
Document management and workflow systems ERP systems
E-commerce applications Web services
Architecture/design Online help
Data sheets Product sheets
Help resources Technical documentation
Manuals Training materials
Marketing documents User guides
Multimedia User Interface
Online forums Websites

We work in 100+ language combinations.

Having developed stringent recruitment procedures, Birdwell has built up a large network of language professionals in different languages and industries over the years.

Our linguists are our most important resource. We work with inhouse as well as freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:

  • English
  • FIGS languages
    French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern languages

Your proofreading exceeded my expectations and I will spread the word within our organization to let them know how fruitful and enjoyable our collaboration has been.

Laurent S.

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