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Medical translation servicesBy life sciences and healthcare experts

At Birdwell we work every day with clients in the life science industries who must comply with very strict regulations.
These clients require in-depth knowledge and expertise in their industry and when it comes to translation, the right terminology is essential.

Therefore, our clients are served by professional translators who work exclusively into their mother tongue and by specialists (doctors, biomedical scientists, research experts) who are qualified, trained and equipped with the tools and processes to handle thes specific needs of this market.

Our tailored solutions for life science companies include translation by SME’s (subject matter experts), terminology management by our in-house terminology manager, interpreting and localization services for regulatory and compliance content, document translation, linguistic validation, interpreting, website localization and e-learning and multimedia services.

Find out more about our areas of expertise and the type of documents we can translate!

A non-exhaustive list of fields we can handle.

Cancer treatment and prevention Medical devices (sterilizers, measurement and
diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, etc.)
Dermatology and dermocosmetics Ophthalmology
Diagnosis  and diagnostic tools Orthopedic equipment and surgery, prosthetics
Forensic medicine Pharmaceuticals
Gastric surgery and obesity treatment Research
Hepatology Urology
Imaging Veterinary medicine and animal health
Medical applications of ultrasound

A non-exhaustive list of documents we can translate.

Articles, scientific journals and other publications Pharmacological studies
Clinical studies and test reports POP/POS materials, marketing documents
Conference materials PR/communications, websites
Information packs for professionals and patients Press kits, newsletters
Marketing authorizations Training materials, internal magazines


We understand that our wide-ranging projects will inevitably include confidential information. We take all necessary measures to ensure that this information remains strictly confidential and is not communicated to any unauthorized person in accordance with our confidentiality policy. In addition, we are happy to sign a client-specific confidentiality agreement if required.

We work in 100+ language combinations.

Having developed stringent recruitment procedures, Birdwell has built up a large network of language professionals in different languages and industries over the years.

Our linguists are our most important resource. We work with in-house and freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:

  • English
  • FIGS languages
    French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern languages

Your proofreading exceeded my expectations and I will spread the word within our organization to let them know how fruitful and enjoyable our collaboration has been.

Laurent S.

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