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Education and training translation servicesE learning localization and document translation services for education

The education marketplace has changed drastically over the last few years, with online-learning platforms providing academic institutions and businesses with a flexible way of ensuring that their students or employees complete the training they need.

Unlike the static software-based courses of days gone by, today’s online-learning platforms are flexible, dynamic and can be accessed on the user’s preferred device, including smartphones and tablets, at anytime and from anywhere. The content of these platforms can come from a variety of sources and must be available instantly in many different languages.

As a business or educational institution offering e-learning or blended learning packages through your learning-management system (LMS), you need professional translation services to ensure that your customized courses are easily sharable and available. You’ve come to the right place!

At Birdwell we help you with the translation and localization of your online-learning platform to ensure that your course content (audio, video, etc…) is available in multiple languages and accessible to audiences all over the world.

We can translate training materials on many different subjects, depending on the areas of our clients.

A non-exhaustive list of fields we can handle for you.

Safety skills (safety awareness, rules, procedures) Communication and professional effectiveness
SAP training (purchasing, sales, logistics, engineering, production planning, accounting, finances, customer relationship management, quality, service management, plant maintenance …) Executive development
(management and leadership skills)
Employee engagement Business and marketing
Personal development Cultural awareness

A non-exhaustive list of training materials we can translate for you.

Training videos and audio materials User interfaces
Training powerpoints and presentations Online help
Flipbooks Course content for e-learning platforms
Animated PDF’s Course content for printed materials (books, cards, etc.)
Assessment materials Recorded webinars

We work in 100+ language combinations.

Having developed stringent recruitment procedures, Birdwell has built up a large network of language professionals in different languages and industries over the years.

Our linguists are our most important resource. We work with inhouse and freelance professional translators and interpreters with proven skills and experience in the following languages:

  • English
  • FIGS languages
    French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Asian languages
  • Arabic and Middle Eastern languages

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