France – USA intercultural managementHealth

Improve human relationships and work flow between American and French teams.

Good balance between theoretical input and the experience of the trainer. This course has helped us to distinguish differences in personal behavior and other types of behavior conditioned by American culture. 
Carine M. – Manager, Regulatory Affairs


Two teams of Americans and French work together on important, strategic projects for the company. Over and above the technical aspects of the projects, they must respect the different requirements imposed by the regulations of their country.
To meet these requirements and deadlines, each team has its own management methods adapted to local reality.
The two teams are very respectful of each other and get on well, but their cultural differences create a cleavage.
The manager of regulatory affairs in France wanted to create a more collaborative and consistent way of working.


• Seminars for teams in France and the United States on the values ​​and behavior of the two cultures. Highlighting the similarities, differences and needs of each team and strategies to overcome difficulties
• Team-building by Telepresence on the theme “Your, Mine, Our Culture” how to take the best from each culture and each team to create a common culture

At stake for
the company

 Build trust between the two teams via a better understanding of their values ​​and modes of communication
 Reduce the friction between the two teams that disrupts the work-flow


• Both groups become aware of the cultural imprints, potential areas of misunderstanding and communication strategies to overcome difficulties
• Joint construction of a Franco-American team culture
 Improved collaboration and work flow during projects

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