Working with the Spanish

Working with the Spanish

With a complex fabric of linguistic, cultural identities and history, Spain is certainly one of the most challenging countries to do business in.

An old world Kingdom, Spain is a parliamentary monarchy divided into 17 autonomous communities. Since 1977 Spain has been transformed and modernized. Spanish membership in the EU and the modernization of its economy has made it an important investment location for foreign companies. Spain is often seen as bridge to North Africa and because of its historical past as link to Central and South America.


Understand Spanish culture and adapt your behaviour to develop lasting relationships and succeed in your professional projects.


1 day – 7 hours, face to face or by video conferencing.


2 – 14 participants


Any professional that is doing or going to do business or live in Spain. Proficiency level required (TOEIC 750) for the course in English.

Course language

English or French

Course certificate

Certificate of course completion

Participant Profile

This “Working with the Spanish” program is created for any manager or professional in charge of projects with Spanish customers, suppliers and /or colleagues.


Understand your cultural preferences and the similarities and differences with Spanish professional culture and values

Understand the dynamics of culture and the behavior of Spanish and avoid misunderstandings related to cultural differences

Adapt your communication to work more effectively with Spanish partners

Be able to successfully chair meetings, make presentations and carry out negotiations with Spanish partners.


Before the seminar:

Each participant will carry out a personal cultural assessment with the online tool Meyer Personal Culture Profile™. This tool will enable each participant to understand her/his personal values and cultural preferences and compare them to a standardized Spanish professional profile.

During the seminar:

Our training is very participatory and experiential. Our approach includes alternating between theory and practice, group activities and simulations. A variety of case studies and group activities are programmed into this training course. Our objective is to engage learners mentally, emotionally and behaviorally, aligning them to the complexities and richness of intercultural exchanges with the Spanish.

Some possible key topics:

Key dates in Spanish history, description of Spanish society, and societal values

The importance of Catholic and Family traditions in Spanish society

How Spanish values of “Pride and Honor” impact relationships

The kingdom and many facets of Spanish identity, Royal Family and today’s political situation.

Economic photo of Spanish business environment.

Spanish management postures, behavior and Leader and follower relationships

Complex layers of cultural and professional values ​​and their dynamics at work

Communication with the Spanish at work: interpersonal, feedback process and written

Meetings and presentations that work in Spain

Negotiating with Spanish

Conflict resolution in Spain business environment

Importance of Etiquette and manners in developing trust and loyalty with the Spanish partners and subordinates

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